Technical Support

Should you have a problem please first read the Trainspotting with Anderl help documentation.

Should you still have problems then please use the contact form below to send a message. Please include the following:

  • The program version number. This appears at the start up of the program. If the program fails to start then use the Finder | Get Info to get the date modified.
  • The device being used (eg Macbook Pro, iPad 12, etc) and the operating system version (eg macOS 12.1, iOS 14.8.1)
  • Describe the problem, including whether you can repeat the problem.


Please use this form to send comments, suggestions, bug reports and questions about technical support.

The aim at Anderl Software is to respond within 2 days, but please remember that there might be times when the tech support is on holiday with no internet connection! However, your email will eventually be replied to!

Latest News

23.09.2022 Version 1.2 released!

This release includes

  • moving background images for a more realistic effect of train motion
  • information pages for some of the railway scenes. Allows the user to learn more about what is being shown in the railway scene

23.09.2022 New Ffestiniog/Welsh Highland Railway Download now available

Two new scenes about the Ffestiniog Railway and the Welsh Highland Railway at Porthmadog Harbour Station. They use the new features of version 1.2 with moving background images and information pages giving details about the scene.


04.05.2022 Mac version and Upgrade released!

The Mac version of the app is now available on the App Store, together with the Upgrade to full version.

 25.04.2022 Upgrade to full version has been delayed!

Unfortunately the upgrade to the full version is still waiting for approval from Apple. Hopefully this will be made available at the sametime as the Mac version.

23.04.2022 Trainspotting with Anderl released!

The iOS version of the app can now be downloaded from the App Store. The Mac version should be available very soon.

Trainspotting with Anderl to be released soon

Soon you will be able to download the program from the App Store.

Upgrade to Full Version

Trainspotting With Anderl will be available for free on the Apple App Store. This version of the program will have 2 restrictions - only the default playlist can be selected, and it is not possible to import other station timetables. Using the 'Upgrade' button in the settings window, it will be possible to buy (for a small fee) the upgrade to the full version and remove these limitations.

Trainspotting background colour

The new release includes the option of changing the background colour to whatever the user would like.

Trainspotting Background Image

Trainspotting now supports background images. The images are automatically resized to fit across the screen and are located relative to the track location.



27.09.2022 Error message when importing downloaded zip file (Version 1.2)

When a zip file is imported an error message appears but in fact the import procedure has been successful!

This will be corrected in the next release (coming soon!)

 iOS 14.8.1

Trainspotting required a recompile when iPhone upgraded to iOS 14.8.1.