About us

When very young i was quite into model railways. A starter set from Triang soon grew to taking over the front room floor, while my ever forgiving parents were relegated to a small area in the corner when they wanted to watch TV!

I can just remember seeing some of the last working steam locomotives near my home in Kent, England. These included the 'Golden Arrow' roaring through Otford Station on its way to meet the ferry at Dover. The 'boat train' was pulled by Bulleid's fabulous Battle of Britain class 4-6-2 and left a lasting impression on me.

University showed me that there were lots of other interesting things to do and see in the world. Model railways faded into the past as programming captured my interest. I have nonetheless kept an interest in steam railways to the present day and Trainspotting with Anderl is the brainchild of these two passions.