Trainspotting with Anderl

Version 1.2 for iPad, iPhone and Mac now available!

Welcome! Join me at a railway station of your choice (and perhaps of your own making) to do a bit of trainspotting!

No Anorak Needed – although you are very welcome to wear one if you want to.

Anderl Software has produced a virtual model railway system, Trainspotting with Anderl, to allow railway enthusiasts to simply view pre-existing railway scenes.

Watch the trains come and go – here are some examples:

  • see the early morning commuter train arriving at Otford station.

  • look at the local train stopping at the small country station while the 'down' express rushes over the level crossing on its way to Exeter St. Davids.

  • spot the different trains at a busy city terminus.

  • watch as the wagons of the newly arrived goods train are detached and shunted to the goods shed, while other wagons are attached to be taken to the next destination.

  • or maybe just enjoy those moments when nothing much happens and savour the expectation of seeing the 8:45 down-express hurtle through the station on its way to the coast.

Whether you are a train spotter, railway enthusiast, railway buff, railway fan or "just interested", all this and more can be enjoyed with Trainspotting with Anderl.

System Requirements

Trainspotting with Anderl is designed to run on the following devices and operating systems:

  • The Mac running macOS version 10.15 and newer
  • the iPad and iPhone running iOS version 13.0 and newer. Note that support for the iPhone is limited due to the smaller screen size meaning that not all station timetables are suitable.

Download and Installation

The app Trainspotting with Anderl can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Upgrade to the full version

Once installed, you can upgrade the program to the full version for just a small fee. Then you can:

  • access all the playlists provided with the installation and so be able to enjoy more station scenes.
  • import other playlists, station timetables and image libraries that you can download from this site (see Downloads). It is planned that over time more playlists and station timetables will become available on the download page.

Below is a short video showing some clips of downloaded scenes as seen on an iPhone.

  • the first clip shows the Double Fairlie 'David LLoyd George' approaching Porthmadog Harbour Station on the Ffestiniog Railway
  • next is the Welsh Highland Railway's NGG16 Garratt arriving at Porthmadog Harbour Station from Caernarfon
  • the final clip shows the London & South Western Railways's Adams Radial 4-4-0 arriving at Combpyne on the Axminster-Lyme Regis branch line.

Coming soon...

With Station Manager you will find a powerful tool to create your own station timetables.

All the station timetables in Trainspotting with Anderl have been created and edited using the Station Manager app. You too will be able to create your own station timetables with this program and a little imagination!

In the future...

Anderl Software is also developing a new program called Signal Box which will allow you to interactively control what trains are displayed and the motion of the trains. You can also  uncouple sections of the train - just like you would with a real model railway! See Support for further information as these features become available.